Spaghetti Against the Apocalypse

The Spaghetti Pouches

Maybe you don’t know yet, but you really need a Spaghetti Pouch In your life!
Super simple, lovely & adorable Pouches MADE BY HAND with lots of love from RECYCLED AND VINTAGE TEXTILES only.
We choose textiles from the SCRAPS of ITALIAN TAILORING workshops, we select fabrics every first Friday of the month and we always release a new super cute pouch every month.
EVERY EMBROIDERY pouch IS DIFFERENT from another inside and outside.
We have the TINY Spaghetti pouches & the MEGA spaghetti pouches!
You can find some pouches with our iconic Spaghetti Ufo Logo and some with our Statement.
Choose your favorite and always take it with you!
What are you waiting for?!?!